Oilfield Solids Control


LP4-60™ from CPI Wirecloth & Screens Inc.

In the competitive world of oil and gas production, clients demand reliable cost effective equipment that will keep production online and margins high. 

LP4-60™ from CPI Wirecloth & Screens Inc.1









LP4-60™ Features:

  • The LP4-60™ maintains a footprint of 10.3’ x 5.3’, similar to other traditional shakers. 
  • The 41 Ft 2  of screen surface area offers more screening area than conventional flat panel shakers. 
  • Achieve maximum screen life for the total area of the screening surface by isolating screen replacement using SMS™.  Simplified Modular Screening allows replacement of only the screening area that needs replacement. 
  • Achieve dramatic reduction in the cost of shipping replacement panels by utilizing the replacement elements of the SMS™ system.  Replacement elements can ship at a fraction of the cost of shipping conventional pretension panels.




Shaker Screens

Along with quality shakers, CPI Wirecloth manufactures quality shaker replacement screens for a varity of shaker products. Four decades of oilfield experience has allowed CPI Wirecloth to develope engineering and manufacturing methods and screen enhancements that easily surpass typical standards.

Why should I use CPI Wirecloth Shaker Screens?

  • 2-3 day service on all standard screens
  • single, double, and triple layer screens available
  • customized bonding patterns available upon request
  • 100% warranty against components and workmanship

What can CPI Wirecloth shaker screens do for me?

  • Reduce the per hour drilling cost
  • Improved penetration rates
  • Extended fluid end life
  • Extended Expendable Life
  • Extended Bit Life

What replacement shaker screens are available?

Brandt™ Inrock™ Triton™ Kason™
Derrick™ National Oilwell™  Vortex Fluid Systems™ Kem-tron ™
Fluid Systems™ Swaco™ Midwestern™ Rumba ™

Can I have a custom shale shaker screen engineered for a specific application?

CPI Wirecloth, has the engineering experience and manufacturing capability to solve the needs of this ever changing industry.

What custom shale shaker capabilities can we offer you?

  • Experienced engineers
  • Proven technology
  • 50,000 square foot 24/7 manufacturing facility
  • Testing facilities
  • Follow through

Your complete custom solutions are a phone call away.

As with any long standing industry institution, reputation is the key.  For four decades, our clients have come to expect and have been delivered the quality they need, when they need it.  They know they are getting superior workmanship and responsible service.  We all know that is hard to come by, these days. 

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