Wire Mesh

Wire Cloth, Expandable Metal Cloth, Perforated Metal, Tye Wire, and Hex Netting. Many sizes and grades.

Oilfield Solids Control

CPI Wirecloth manufactures a complete line of replacement screens for all shale shakers in the oilfield drilling industry. Specializing in linear, elliptical, or circular motion shaker screens and equipment.

Industrial Screening

Canvas Edged and Bonded Screen, Vinyl Bond, Baskets, Strainers, Round Rings, Hookm Screens, Screen Packs, conmponants, and accessories.

Instrumentation Fittings

Valves, Hydraulics fittings, instrument manifolds, liquid level gauges, stainless steel bite-type fittings, pressure & process gauges, in-line filters , much much more.

Housing Screening

CPI Wirecloth window housing screening products are custom made and are available to fit practically every type and size application.

We supply stainless steel wire mesh, galvanized welded wire mesh, square wire mesh, crimped wire mesh, hexagonal wire netting and fittings fittings, as well as many shaker products for use in Oilfield applications.